Foundation of Electrical Safety

Electrical Grounding Protection Cover

250.10 Protection of Ground Clamps and Fittings.
Ground clamps or other fittings exposed to physical damage shall be enclosed in metal, wood, or equivalent protective covering.

When a conductive surface, like metal, is NOT GROUNDED and becomes electrically energized, it can carry the sufficient voltage to administer a FATAL SHOCK

Repairing faulty grounding is essential for the safe operation of electrical equipment.




Help the planet, Go Green with The Strong Cap!

The environmental benefits of repairing faulty grounding connections.
Decreased risk of potential electrical fires
Energy saving created from less electricity lost and wasted
Reduced pollution to help protect the environment

Electrical Injuries a year!

Standard Lawsuit for a Small Electrical Company


of electrical circuits are overloaded


of tested grounding connections FAIL after inspections

Strong Cap is a disabled veteran-owned small business focused on products that provide electrical safety, efficiency, and reliability. Our grounding solutions:

● reduce energy waste

● protect from fire and shock hazards

● offers maintenance-free corrosion protection

● maintain the integrity of a ground rod connection

● are an affordable green solution for peace of mind

Our Story

After years of dealing with constant grounding failures, change was needed.  Strong Cap was founded in 2014 with a mission motivated by better customer service and cost saving.  While completing product research and development, a greater purpose emerged focused on saving lives and reducing senseless heartache.

Thousands of people are injured or killed every year due to electrical failures across the U.S. and making a difference is our top priority. We highly recommend the Strong Cap product to businesses that are committed to effective and cost-efficient solutions that support grounding protection.

Boy electrocuted at athletic complex

Boy electrocuted at athletic complex

A 12-year-old boy died Monday after being electrocuted when he touched a fence that had been electrified by a live wire at a Fleming Athletic Complex ball field near the Bernie Ward Community Center.…

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Make sure your electricity is safe.



Go Green

Strong Cap provides a safer and greener (healthier) electrical system and donates a portion of all sales to support the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

“Establishing a good low resistance ground path is one of the most important and overlooked principles of a complete wiring system.  We now utilize the Strong Cap to protect and ensure that are low resistive grounding system remains intact.”
Patrick T. Goff

Master Electrician, Manager Power Quality, Crow Wing Power

As a sitting board member, I found the need for proper electrical grounding and grounding protection to be an invaluable part of the safety for our homes.  Strong Cap and has opened our eyes to some very critical areas of safety concerns which we at the MMBA and BAM will be addressing in the near future”.
Jim Falconer

Board of Directors, Mid-Minnesota Builders Association

Hillside Little League is dedicated to the safety of our families and players, which was why we reached out to Strong Cap about their Safe Parks program after a concerning electrical incident at another local ballpark. After contacting a certified electrician for testing services, it came as an alarming surprise that the first test revealed FAILURE with no visible indicators – underscoring just how important this initiative truly is! We are extremely thankful for the updates made in several systems across our league including scoreboards, lighting systems, and equipment garages through the implementation of The Strong Cap; all strongly backed by us here at Hillside Little League.

Hillside Little League