Strong Cap LLC is the maker of the Strong Cap, a 3-in-1 product designed to provide long-term protection of ground rod connections. Formed in 2012 by four founding partners, Strong Cap’s 3-in-1 kit helps protect against exothermic weld failures, stray voltage issues, corrosion and disconnection of ground rod connections.
How the product was born.
In 2002, Al Meyers became the owner of Invisible Fence of the Heartland and in the 10 years that followed he would grow the company to help more than 5,500 customers across Nebraska and Iowa provide a safe, outdoor environment for their pets. Despite his success, Meyers experienced a reoccurring problem – grounding system failures when a special three-sided boundary was required. While the grounding system could be fixed, the underlying problem of why the system failed was never addressed. Meyers knew there had to be a better solution. But, after not finding anything on the market that worked, he decided if he couldn’t buy it, maybe he could make it. He started to test different applications in the field and failed miserably. A lot. Eventually, he found a solution that worked and the Strong Cap kit was born.

Is repairing faulty grounding a green venture?

Yes, repairing faulty grounding is a green venture. Grounding is essential to the safe operation of electrical equipment, and defective grounding can cause major safety hazards and lead to costly equipment damage. Repairing this faulty grounding reduces the risk of potential electrical fires and can save energy by reducing the amount of electricity lost in the system. Additionally, it can help reduce the amount of electricity being wasted and can help to protect the environment by reducing pollution.


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