• Power quality is defined as an electrical network’s ability to supply a clean and stable power supply. When you have good power quality, you experience:
    • consistent uptime
    • predictable output
    • energy efficiency
    • safe and efficient power usage
    • uninterrupted power

    Poor power quality is evident when the incoming power varies from the customary “pure” 60 Hz sine wave. In that instance, the poor power quality effects reliable and safe operation of electrical power.

    So, why does power quality matter? Well, in addition to the reasons listed above, good power quality ensures the safe operation of electrical power. According to the  Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the U.S. loses between $119 billion to $188 billion just because of poor power quality.


Now, that you know what power quality means, let’s look at what can change power quality. Any one of these reasons could be the cause of poor power quality:

  • poor or inadequate grounding
  • Mother Nature, i.e. lighting 
  • utility switching or planned outages
  • man-made, i.e. vehicle hits a power line pole
  • intermittent connections
  • voltage reductions
  • shared circuits, i.e. too many outlets / uses per circuit

Both Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services (DHHS) have conducted studies on electrocutions in the work place with similar findings. The studies show that on average electrocutions account for 7 percent of all fatalities, an average of 411 fatalities per year. One of the main causes for electrocution is improper or faulty grounding.


There are some causes of poor power quality you can’t fix like Mother Nature, planned outages or when a driver plows down a power line. But, one potential cause you can eliminate is poor grounding. How? Simple — It’s a 3-in-1 kit from Strong Cap LLC. This kit is designed to provide long-term protection against environmental corrosion and the disconnection of ground rod connections. 

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