The Strong Cap: 3-in-1 Kit


The 3-in-1 Kit, called the Strong Cap, is made up of a clamp, a stabilizing SC-6 silicone and a cap. The Strong Cap kit’s main purpose is to provide long-term protection against corrosion caused by the environment and disconnection of ground rod connections. All the kit’s components are non-conductive so it does not change the function of a proper ground and also stabilizes the connection from possible disconnection.

Is repairing faulty grounding a green venture?

Yes, repairing faulty grounding is a green venture. Grounding is essential to the safe operation of electrical equipment, and defective grounding can cause major safety hazards and lead to costly equipment damage. Repairing this faulty grounding reduces the risk of potential electrical fires and can save energy by reducing the amount of electricity lost in the system. Additionally, it can help reduce the amount of electricity being wasted and can help to protect the environment by reducing pollution.